WeSeeU Inc is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization that works to fill the gap for hardworking families and individuals.

Teachers, First Respondents and Military Members
WeSeeU (We See You!)

Heartfelt Letter
Writing Campaign

stano foundation prepares boxes of handwritten letters and packages for oversea military members

This program creates a platform for individuals, families, organizations and companies to write heartfelt notes to those that impact our communities the most.

Write a note to a teacher, first respondent or military service member to let them know how much they are appreciated! These notes will be distributed through various WeSeeU initiatives throughout the year such as Teacher & First Respondent Appreciation Luncheons and care packages sent to military members by the Stano Foundation Inc.

The notes should be generic and signed with the writer’s first name and city, state. This is also an opportunity for high school students to receive community service hours by writing up to 4 handwritten letters for 2 community service hours.

What a perfect way to get the whole family involved or a team meeting RBL activity in showing love and support to those individuals that impact our communities by their sacrifices and service.

All letters can be mailed to WeSeeU, P.O. Box 48964, Tampa FL 33646.

Please contact us for more details!

WeSeeU partners with various companies and foundations throughout Hillsborough County in an effort to identify and provide for a wider audience to include:  Dungy Family Foundation, Children with a Vision, Young Lions Organization, Stano Foundation, Hillsborough County Public Schools, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Sandy and Lescher Family Foundation, The Dream Center of Tampa and various other organizations.  WeSeeU relies 100% on volunteers.  The students of Hillsborough County, participating churches and, various other organizations in the area have partnered with WeSeeU to fill this volunteer need.  New volunteers, sponsors and foundations are always welcome and encouraged.