Hope. Support. Understanding.

Empowering our community with positive outreach initiatives.

WeSeeU Inc is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization that works to fill the gap for hardworking families and individuals.

Let's Grow Together

Our mission is to inspire hope and provide assistance to hardworking individuals by supporting youth and families with various physical, educational and financial needs through community outreach initiatives throughout the year.

WeSeeU coordinates and manages 5 primary annual initiatives throughout the year and participates with partners to aid in additional efforts, as needed.

“Our family has joined Holiday Angel Gift Giving for several years now; and it has been a true transforming experience. The program taught our kids invaluable lessons of empathy and the gift of giving. Every year, Tanya and her family go above and beyond to coordinate and organize; we are very thankful for all of their efforts to make the program special.”

— The Wang Family

Get Involved

There are many ways to help.


If we could do it for free, we would. Donations from generous supporters like you go to support our programs and basic administration costs.


We rely 100% on volunteers. More volunteers and sponsors are always welcome and encouraged to join our mission to serve the community.