WeSeeU Inc is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization that works to fill the gap for hardworking families and individuals.

Hardworking Families and Young at Heart – WeSeeU (We See You!)

Holiday Angel
Gift Giving

The Holiday Angel Gift Giving program identifies hardworking families in the community that need extra support during the Holiday season in making sure their children have a wonderful holiday. 

Every year this program selects an industry of workers that work hard but can only financially provide the necessities for their family such as housing, food, and utilities. 

We help these families by providing gifts for the children.  We also work with social workers who nominate families that need extra support during the holidays. 

This is an opportunity for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to get involved in making an impact in the community by sponsoring a child and/or family during this Holiday Angel Initiative

The Holiday/Valentine’s Nursing Home Angels initiative provides an opportunity to show love and support to the ones that have paved the way for us – our seniors.  We provide the residents of various Nursing Homes/Assisted Living facilities a Valentine goodie bag that consists of various items that are safe for them to enjoy.  We also take this opportunity to provide various treats and entertainment (singing, dancing) for the residents to enjoy.  Many of the residents don’t get visitors, so we like to take this opportunity to let them know that they are loved and not forgotten.  If you have a passion for the elderly and want to make a difference, this initiative is for you! 

Help us make this year's Holiday angel program a success!

Holiday Angels at Work 2023

WeSeeU partners with various companies and foundations throughout Hillsborough County in an effort to identify and provide for a wider audience to include:  Dungy Family Foundation, Children with a Vision, Young Lions Organization, Stano Foundation, Hillsborough County Public Schools, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Sandy and Lescher Family Foundation, The Dream Center of Tampa and various other organizations.  WeSeeU relies 100% on volunteers.  The students of Hillsborough County, participating churches and, various other organizations in the area have partnered with WeSeeU to fill this volunteer need.  New volunteers, sponsors and foundations are always welcome and encouraged.