WeSeeU Inc is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization that works to fill the gap for hardworking families and individuals.

2023 Sponsors


At WeSeeU Charity, we are blessed to have these wonderful donors who donate $5000 or more to support our cause. Their generosity and kindness have a significant impact on the lives of our angels in need. We are grateful for their support and proud to have them as part of our WeSeeU family.

Steve and sandy lescher family fund

The Elliott Family

Troy and Lisa Payne

The Bass-Schwerin Family

The Bondurant Family

The Mixon Family

Paradise Oaks RV Resort

Salvo Technologies

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC)

The Troyer Family

Michael Swain


WeSeeU Charity is uplifted by the generosity of our donors who give $2500 or more towards our cause. Their kindness brings hope and joy to our angels. We are proud to have them in our WeSeeU family and grateful for their support, which inspires us to keep making a difference.

The Moody Family

Nicole Beal


WeSeeU Charity is grateful for the ongoing support of our $1000 – $2499 donors who are also an advocate for our cause. Their generosity brings happiness to our angels, and their advocacy helps spread awareness and reach more families in need. We are proud to have them as a valued member of our WeSeeU family.

Michele Houston Hicks

The Fisher Family

The Crow Family


The Weinman Family

Ruthie and Wade Cullis

Angela Focke

Matt Kilgroe


WeSeeU Charity is grateful for the support of our $500 – $999 Ambassadors. Their generosity provides support and comfort to our angels and their advocacy helps bring hope to our community. We are proud to have them as valued members of our WeSeeU family.

Angela Duckworth

Melissa Parkhill

Cheryl Sparks

William Apple

The Hanerfeld Family


Pay It Forward Foundation

The Todd Family

Mary Montsko

Lori Morris


WeSeeU Charity is grateful for the partnership of our $250-$499 donors. Their generosity provides support and comfort to our angels and their advocacy helps bring hope to our community. We are proud to have them as valued partners in our WeSeeU family.


The Nadia Combs Family

Darrick and Angela Fulwood

2023 Donors / Supporters

Kenneth Fitzpatrick

Dawn Hanson

Kerri Greene

Carol Tampa

John Healy

Cameron Valentine

Charity Offerman

Brittany Parks

Jacquelyn Nesbit

Rebecca Campos

Kelly Hughes

Trish Frost

Charles Mulfinger

Erika Siement

Kristin Spoor

2023 College Bound Senior Sponsor Teams

Team Buggs

Kim Troyer
Lisa Meaney
Jennifer Weinman
Jennifer Nelson
Nicola Fitzharris
Stephanie Albanna

Team Patel

Kelly Crow
Michele Saigol
LaDonna Golden
Fiona Stevenson
Kristi Davis
Madhu Prasad
Christy Moody

Team Hopson

Kim Troyer
Michelle Cacares
Michele Griffin
Kelly France
Kristin Meyer

Team Randle

The Mixon Family

Team La’Faye


Team Washington


Team Parrot

VET Info

Team Gonzalez


Team Marshall

PwC EC Team

Team Walker

Henry "Shake" Washington Family

Team Fagan

Terri and James Stanger

Team Torre

Terri and James Stanger

Team Snyder

Mark Scheidter and Associates

Team Pham

Jose Cardenas

Team Bradshaw


Team Carr

GFC Ybor Beautiful

Team Jacobs

Chrystal Queen of Diamond Salon

Team Danso

TranqREAL Massage and Aromas

Team Harris

Nicole and Sanja

Team Holmes

Jill Bondurant
Tricia VanEpps
Emily North
Rachel Behuniak
Kimberly Gonzalez
Kim Casey
Erika Siement
Garanton Family
Maxton Family
Gentle Family
Coniglio Family

Team Serano

PJ and Heather Scherwin Bass

Team Mulfinger

Kristen Spoor
Jennifer Todd
Sarah Rubenstein
Angela Focke
Charlie Mulfinger
Kimberly Gonzalez

Team Cicneros

Micelle and Pablo Caceres

2023 Holiday Angel Sponsors

Paradise Oaks RV Resort

Salvo Technologies


Eckerd Triton College MB Team

The Mixon Family

The Bondurant Family

The Bass / Schwerin Family

The Elliott Family

Alex Sarafianos

Allison Reeder

Angel HIcks

Antoinette Hicks

Angie Duckworth

Annette O'Malley

Barby Leblanc

Becky Griffin

Bernadette Martinez

Betty Robson

Camille Rosa

Carla & Greg Powers

Carol Mullane

Cheryl Fisher

Christa Moody

Christine Fedroff

Christine Lee

Constance Monix

Courtney Powers

Dawn Stowers

Dennise Hall

Eddy Valdez

Felicia Post

Gabriela Ramirez-Rivera

Gail Chang

Geraldine Charles

Ginny Hamrick

Hannah Grisack

Jasmine Curry

Jennie Ord

Jill Bondurant

Jill Elliott

Jodi Kidneigh

Jose Figueroa

Jose Valenzuela

Kara Sundar

Katie Gatchell

Katie Harsanje

Kelly Crow

Kevin Wood

Kim Casey

Kim Troyer

Litashi Anderson

Lora Brennan

Lori Morris

Luanne Dexter

Marisol Esperanza

Marison Ramirez

Mary Montsko

Melissa Parkhill

Michele Houston-Hicks

Michelle Ewing

Natalia Ramirez

Natashia Ross

Nicola Fitzharris

Nicole Beal

Raymond Rembert

Sanja Habdic

Sara Rubinstein

Shannon Schuyler

Sherri Grisack

Suzanne Hucko

Tabitha Mercado

Tammy Hanerfeld

Tashi Anderson

Teri Stanger

Tina Huang

Toni Phagan

Trudy Bjorn

Venecia Webster